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Working in Manhattan had become routine for London native, Cole Dixon. He’d spent countless days and weeks working as an IT security consultant for New York City businesses. He largely stayed to himself out of necessity but he didn’t mind. Being alone was safe, familiar, and comfortable for him.

Mason Garris had been selling commercial real estate in Manhattan for years. She was powerful and passionate about living in New York as if the city were her suitor. She kept a close circle of friends and she made it a point to never need anyone.

The odds of finding each other in a city of millions were astronomical and yet, in less than an instant, she became his charge. Can their love survive the journey to fulfill their darker desires and find complete acceptance in each other?

About the author:

T Kaye Miller was a marketing data analyst with a passion for systems security before embarking on the journey of writing her first novel. Having written several riveting technical manuals, TK decided to try her hand at writing a love story inspired by the common struggle to find complete acceptance in a society that imposes impossible appearance and behavioural standards on its members.

TK lives in North Carolina with her American Bully, Nyx Goddess of the Night. She is an anglophile and her hobbies include stuff that would be inappropriate to list here.


Vulnerable Edges began as a passion project to shed a more positive light on the BDSM/kink community by showing the true nature of this widely misunderstood lifestyle. Throughout their journey, the two main characters embody the beauty and power of the gift of the submissive and the gratitude and protection of the Dominant.

Bringing this project to its fulfillment would never have been possible without the patience, openness, unique insight, and willing help of Isaac, my friend and my educator. He has lived in the lifestyle for nearly 30 years and is highly respected and sought after in his community for advice and education. I can not say enough good things about him and I would like to thank my friend Rachel for introducing us.

This project would also have not been possible without the support and encouragement of a very special group that so kindly supported me in all my weirdness and awkwardness. They appreciated my humour, and made me feel completely accepted. We met in the Comments of Chaos and I’m profoundly thankful for every single one of you.

​I owe a debt of gratitude to my niece, Heather, (Socials: @mascarasandmixers) for encouraging me to step out and embrace my creativity through makeup, social media, and subsequently writing. Thank you for being ever so lovely.

My final acknowledgement goes out to my son who did fuck all except take the piss at every chance…thus keeping me hella grounded.

Thank you, Marius.

While inspired by some real events and people, the characters in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to any persons, living or deceased, is coincidental.

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